Fingerprint storage series device by Jstac

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Victoria 117, USB2.0 fingerprint authentica­tion 1"

Microdrive or CF drive enclosure, integrates diffe­rent high technology to let

you enjoy user authen­tica­tion and security data storage functions. Victoria

117 contains fingerprint authentication technology; you dont need to remember

hundreds of passwords or ID numbers when working on your computer. Your finger­print

will replace any pass­word or ID easily.

Equips fingerprint authen­tication will protect your

important and private data security. Without your finger­print, no one can read

any data that has been encrypted from Victoria 117. Even though others take the

MD/CF out, they still cannot read the files that have been encrypted because of

its advance hardware-like and software encryption/decryp­tion technology.

Moreover, Victoria 117 still combines some other software

features that let users enjoy the benefits of fingerprint authentication

technology. Victoria 117 is not only a fingerprint protec­tive Microdrive/CF

but also a fingerprint authen­tication reader for your secret and convenient



  • Convert USB fingerprint storage device into virtual

    notebook application software bundled.

  • Fingerprint authentica­tion for MD/CF flash card data

    access. Up to 10 sets of fingerprint data can be saved in this system.

  • Advanced hi-technology, one-swipe fingerprint sensor

    bar design.

  • AIAC-advanced image auto-calibration techno­logy. It

    can scan your fingerprint clearly, no matter if your finger is wet or dry.

  • Hardware-like encryp­tion/decryption techno­logy to

    protect your data more effectively.

  • USB bus power and compact design (smaller than your

    business card).

  • CF type II connector design; you can insert any

    Microdrive or CF memory cards.

  • USB2.0 interface up to 480Mbps ; plug and play


  • Authentication software will be installed on MD/CF

    drive. You don't need to re-install fingerprint authentication software

    again when you change to the other computer.

  • Dust and impact resistant plastic cover design for

    fingerprint sensor area protection.

  • Brilliant and cool blue power LED indicator.

  • Windows XP/2000/ME supported.

  • High-class leather case and short USB cable (optional).

  • Multilingual sup­port: Eng­lish, Japanese, Tradi­tional

    Chinese, Simple Chi­nese, Korean, French, Ger­man, Italian and Spanish.