Few TN districts still without IT associations

Partners in the associations seek aid from well-established Confed-ITA

New Update

While talks have been mooted for uniting all state-level associations to a single body, there are still some districts in Tamil Nadu without IT associations. It is also a misfortune that separate associations do not exist in the districts which are underdeveloped.


For example, district Sivaganga, which has no IT association of its own till date. "We do not have a separate association for our district and we did not find any reason for not starting such an association. However, I'm of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in having a distinct association," says a dealer from Sivaganga. However, sources say that there has been a district association in Dharmapuri district, but later, it became inactive for unidentifiable reasons.

"We did have some elected members and even conducted regular meetings. But now that association is nowhere," recalls another dealer from that district. He also said that many channel partners feel that they will be benefited if they have an association, and they would welcome every help from anyone to frame a professional body. "If, say, Confed-ITA helps us to frame an association, we will welcome the move, " he further added. Even in districts like Ariyalur and Perambalur, which does not have lesser members in headcount, the issues are the same.

A top-level executive from the Confed-ITA told The DQ Week, "Confed-ITA is an umbrella which has been framed for the welfare of district associations. Confed-ITA gives more privilege to the association than individuals. Districts having lesser quantity of members will not have a separate association. However, those partners will be merged to the nearest bigger districts."

It is a sad situation in the state where associations like Coimbatore Information Technology Association (CITA), Tirupur Information Technology Association (TITA) works professionally and their laudable plans remain role-model even for non-IT associations, while on the other side, there is not even an association to take care of the welfare of channel partners. Even though, the partners may join hands with their neighboring associations, their domestic association will help them to overcome their problems. As of today, apart from business, association members in many districts even conduct family get-together events which makes every one relax after a tough day at workplace. Also, district association also helps members promote not only their business, but also their other skills like communicative and leadership qualities. Since the ruling government is keen on concentrating on developing an IT infrastructure in B and D class cities, in future, every district should be decorated with its official association. And this is the right time for the existing members of the Confed-ITA or the top officials of the well-established associations to help those partners form an association for their welfare. Will they?