Festive Season to Bring Happiness and Wealth for Dehradun IT Market

Festive season is always the time of prosperity for the markets. On that front, IT market of Dehradun also doesn’t lag behind. The IT market is ready to taste the flavour of celebration amidst Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali; after experiencing a slow phase.

Though, there are always two sides of the same coin. So, there remain certain issues that still might continue to affect the festivity and keep the market steady and slow.

The difficulties, which could keep the IT market of Dehradun at a tortoise pace are the success of online shopping offers being offered by Flipkart and Amazon. The sales of these online platforms have sky rocketed that has left no margin for the offline retailers, who serve the technology needs of the people of Dehradun.

To solidify the present scenario, Himanshu Agarwal of Devansh IT solutions from Dehradun stated, ‘As far as IT retail is concerned, sales are going to be affected and only online services will prevail’. He also added, ‘There is no space for our retail business because of these online portals’.

But on the other hand, while talking to The DQ Week, Shekhar Mahadevan, Secretary UITTA, Dehradun expressed, ‘Yes the online market has affected the buying habits but despite that currently buyers are coming back to retailers. The market has picked up and is expected to continue till the festive season. The buying trend is estimated to grow during the festive season’.

In the end, he added, ‘The IT Association of Dehradun has plans to enhance the welfare of the partners’. Diwali will certainly be a festival of light for the IT retailers in Dehradun.

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