Face off between Bhavnagar's ABCD & BITA

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Conflicts are emerging between the two IT channel association in Bhavnagar-the

Association of Bhavnagar Computer Dealers (ABCD) and the Bhavnagar Information

Technology Association (BITA. The bone of contention between them is over

recently held dealer meetings in the city. ABCD officials said they were not

intimated about these meetings and their members could therefore not participate

in it, which does not bode well for the association.

Ketan Trivedi, Secretary, ABCD said, "We have not been officially informed

about two or three dealer meetings that were held in the city recently. In some

cases, we were informed at the last moment and therefore our members could not

attend it. This is affecting the business of our members who could have

benefited from these events. We expect that should intimate us well in advance

about these meetings so that our members can participate."

He added that often vendors get in touch with certain dealers in the city who

then inform a few partners about the event. "But these members belong to the

other association," Trivedi added.


But BITA officials have a different opinion about this subject. Govind

Bhetaria, one of the founders of the newly formed BITA said, "Vendors always

inform us about these meetings well in advance. Either they send a mail or they

call to give us information about the same. I don't know what the problem

between vendors and ABCD is as it is the vendor's prerogative to inform the

local associations. As far as BITA is concerned, we don't have any problems in

communicating with vendors."

While this instance can be termed as a non-issue, there have been other

skirmishes between the two associations in the past, though not in a very overt

fashion, according to dealers in the city. This could be because of the

formation of BITA. It is learnt that ABCD was the first association in the city

and was started almost 10 years ago. But it was not registered under the

Socities Act.

"Because there was no action in ABCD, some of us decided to exit the body and

start a new association," said Betharia. Since then, dealers say, that the two

associations have issues with each other. But most partners were unconcerned

about it and were only interested in their own business developments.


Hitesh Joshi, Proprietor, Naman Computers and an ABCD member said, "I don't

know what's happening between the two associations. There may be some problems

at the association level, which does not directly affect me. We formed the

association to resolve our problems and help our business and not to create

problems that will affect the business of other association members."

Hemanth Shah, Member, BITA said, "It's true that the companies directly send

the invitation to the association about the meetings. In BITA, there are dealers

who directly deal with vendor companies for their business and hence they

receive information about meetings early. But there are no issues that members

like me get involved in about ABCD or BITA."

In the past, there were talks about merging both the associations but due to

some personal issues between the executive council members of the two bodies,

this move failed.