F-Secure to partner Toshiba

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F-Secure Corporation is partnering with Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd,

Mobile Communications Division, to provide F-Secure mobile anti-virus for

Toshiba's Windows Mobile smart devices throughout Europe.

A trial version of the F-Secure mobile anti-virus solution will be included

with Toshiba smart devices using the Windows Mobile platform. This makes it very

easy for Toshiba's customers to start using malware protection on their mobile

device. As the security software is already preinstalled in the handset the user

doesn't have to spend extra time finding a suitable solution.

Corporate IT departments are increasingly viewing smart devices as computing

devices and as integral parts of their IT device fleet. Thus similar protection

levels are necessary for smartphones as already are customary for PCs,

especially as synchronizing data between PCs and Windows Mobile devices is

standard routine for many business users. The co-operation with Toshiba on the

Windows Mobile platform extends the distribution of F-Secure's mobile solutions

to cover an even larger part of the smartphone market.


“As the market adoption phase of mobile security solutions still is in its

early stages, distribution co-operation with mobile device manufacturers is of

key importance. Therefore partnering with a well-known brand like Toshiba, which

is one of the leading handset manufacturers already in Japan, is a source of

great delight for us,” said Samu Konttinen, VP-Mobile Solutions Business Unit,


To provide mobile security for

smart devices

“As Toshiba wants to ensure a unique and safe mobile experience for its

customers we place a lot of emphasis on essentials like security. This is

important for us as an equipment manufacturer in order to differentiate and to

partner with one of the most recognised mobile security vendors in the

industry,” said Hiroyuki Goto, Technical Director, Toshiba Information Systems

(UK), Mobile Communications Division.