External portable and desktop storage market is taking up in India

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

Today's high-performance
SSDs for mobile computing cost several hundred dollars, more than
laptop hard disk drives of the same capacity. As a result, many
people are unwilling or unable to pay the high price for the greater
speed of SSD. Additionally, SSDs offer fewer capacity options than
hard disk drives. Loss of vital business data means loss of time and
money. As business increases in size, it is not uncommon to encounter
problems when it comes to data storage. Without a proper system in
place to help keep track of business-critical files, the business
runs the risk of losing important files. Also in case of data
security, increased data volume makes it harder to protect from
hackers and other malicious threats, accidental loss, physical theft,
as well as hardware failure that may cause the loss of a backup
drive. For a small business, NAS (Network Attached Storage) offers style="background: rgb(255, 255, 255) none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;">an
solution to address the challenges above. By following simple
steps, NAS can be implemented to help secure business data. NAS
solution offers centralized and automatic backup of data with the NAS
acting as focal point of all the information, so that employees can
have smoother access to all vital business files. It also provides
full and incremental data backups automatically. At the same time
RAID Redundancy adds high level of reliability as NAS systems
incorporate RAID technology (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks)
and Encryption and Access Controls that protects vital data for small
businesses with limited IT resources.

The Seagate FreeAgent
GoFlex family of external drives and accessories introduces a new
level of flexibility to traditional USB 2.0 storage that changes the
way people store, access, enjoy and share their digital content. The
lineup includes easy, plug-and-play portable and desktop drives, with
an array of interchangeable cables and desktop adapters that allow
each drive to adapt to the interface or device being used. GoFlex
hard disk drives are also specially designed to provide
interoperability between operating systems in order to work with both
MS Windows and Mac OS-X computers. In India, the market has taken to
external portable and desktop storage in a big way. The GoFlex line
of drives, accessories and devices finds ready market for its elegant
and stylish looks, functionality, interchangeable interfaces and
multiple uses. Seagate will continue to drive innovation that
provides more value and a better computing experience to consumers.

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