EVI to set up shared call center for credit card company

Cyber News Service
New Delhi, Sep 9

Equfax Venture Infotek, (EVI), an e-infrastructure company for the payment
credit card industry, will set up a call center for the credit card industry. In
the first phase, EVI will set up centers in eight locations and will provide
services to all banks that are EVI partners. The first initiative of its kind in
India, the call center will initially service over 14 banks in the country.

In the second phase, scheduled for 2001, the centers will be Web-enabled and
provide multimedia content, thereby enabling customer interaction through voice,
fax, e-mail, walk-in and co-browsing customers.

The call center will benefit banks, merchants, establishments and
cardholders. Banks will benefit by faster transaction processing, more loyal
customers and better technology. On the cardholder side the benefits are 24/7
full service and the architecture employed will make transactions more
convenient to customers. The call center will help to minimize risk to the
merchant establishments when accepting credit card payments by verifying
cardholder balances online.

The company plans to invest Rs 300 lakh in implementing the technology over
the next 60 days. Servion has been selected as the systems integrator and the
software for the project will be developed by EVI. The call center will be
operational within 90 days and will use Lucent’s Definiti G3si switch.

The architecture will connect eight call centers all over the country to a
central database in Mumbai. This means that all updated customer information is
available at a single point and then disseminated to the call center where the
customer logs in. Callers will be greeted by IVR and 75 percent of their
inquiries will be handled by the IVRS. In case they wish to be attended by a
live agent, automated call distribution system will ensure minimum waiting. The
system also incorporates CTI so that date screens automatically pop-up to ensure
quick service. Other special features of the call center include incorporated
voice mail, call recording, predictive dialing and fraud monitoring.

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