eSys rolls out sub-10k PC

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eSys Information Technologies has announced the launch of its fully

configured Fighter PC at Rs 9,990 in India with a monitor and ODD. Anticipating

a high demand for low-cost PCs in entry and mid-level income groups in India,

and with an increasing demand for home PCs, eSys has joined hands with AMD, a

provider of processing solutions in the computing, graphics and consumer

electronics markets to launch the sub-10k Fighter PC.

“We are targeting lower middle class and upcountry market. We are also

targeting students and everyone who requires a PC but cannot afford one. Our

strategy is to bridge the digital divide and make the best technology available

to everyone at affordable prices. According to IDC data, there is one PC for

every 150 people and so we see a lot of opportunity in this field,” said Vakul

Bhatnagar, GM, eSys India.

eSys Fighter PC comes with Sempron processor 3000, K8800/939 motherboard,

512MB DDR1RAM, 40GB HDD, IDE/CD ROM, PS/2 interface, keyboard and mouse and a

15-inch CRT monitor. “The product is already in the market and has received a

good response. We sold around 1,000 PCs last month,” he said.

The Fighter PC

comes with Sempron processor 3000, K8800/939 motherboard, 512MB DDR1RAM,

40GB HDD, IDE/CD ROM, PS/2 interface, keyboard, mouse and a 15-inch CRT


According to Bhatnagar, the reason why many other companies, which had

introduced sub-10k PCs didn't do well, was because customers got just 20-30GB

hard drive and they had to invest money on upgrading it. “The USP of our brand

is that we are giving the whole package in less than Rs 10,000 with 40GB HDD,

and the costumer can update the hard drive up to 120GB free of cost, which is

part of another scheme we are coming up with shortly,” he commented. The company

expects to sell around 5,000 PCs a month.

Speaking about other promotional schemes, Bhatnagar said that soon eSys would

be coming out with another scheme where in the first category, they will be out

with PCs in the Rs 5,555 range, in the second category they will introduce PCs

for Rs 6,666 and in third category they will offer PCs for Rs 7,777. In these

categories, the PCs would come without a monitor. “We will be giving choices to

customers to choose TFT LCD monitors according to their convenience,” he said.


Elaborating further, he said, “We are promoting our brand aggressively and in

the coming months there will be a lot of promotional programs.” He also informed

that as of now they would be doing business through the existing channel

partners. Elaborating more on his plans, he said that they would be opening a

plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh shortly. “Once the Baddi plant is open, we will

be increasing our channel base,” Bhatnagar shared.

eSys India has distribution tie-ups with global majors like Intel, Microsoft,

IBM, Xerox, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Apple, Wipro, Fuji, Numeric, Krone, Foxconn

and Geneva.

Manisha K