eSys mulls computer assembling unit in India 

DQW Bureau
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Listening to the highpitched hardware call from the government segment,

Singapore based eSys is planning to start assembling its PC line in the Indian

region. Though the company has not put any date on its assembling plans, the

facility is likely to be set up in New Delhi very soon.

"We are planning to have our basic assembling unit in this region. I can't

put a date on this but it is most likely to be based in Delhi. This will further

establish our commit-ment to this region and make our ePC brand as one of the

most successful products in the region," informed CEO of India operations

at eSys R Govindan.

It is interesting to note that the company's assemb-ling aspirations comes

at a time when it is further increasing its commitment to penetrate well beyond

the metros of the country. It is already engaged in a planned campaign to cater

to the price-sensitive B and C class cities in the region.


The basic assembling of its PC brand-eSys ePC is likely to establish the

company further when it comes to gain-ing mind-share of the custo-mer in this

price sensitive Indian market. "We are selling the basic model of ePC at

aro-und Rs 13,999 while the high-end model costs Rs 43,000. As we know that

Indian market is extremely price sensitive, we are working on a new model to

further lower the price points. This model will be introduced in the Indian

market within the next fifteen days," Govindan added.

Since its incorporation in Singapore in the year 2000, eSys has established

itself as a major IT component distribution network in Asia and Europe with 25

in-country subsidiaries and 65 points of presence.

Zia Askari

New delhi