eSys launches Wizard range of laptops in India

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eSys Information Technologies Ltd has launched its new range of laptops in

the Indian market under the Wizard brand name. On October 1 and 2, 2005 eSys

invited its elite partners to Agra for a two-day summit during which the

notebooks were launched.

Govindan Ramanujam, CEO, eSys Information Technologies Ltd, said "eSys

notebooks will be a true hallmark of quality made affordable at very competitive

prices. eSys notebooks will increase the product offerings and cover the entire

spectrum of users. In our continuous endeavor of delivering best products in

India, eSys is ready to change the Indian laptop market game plan". The

12-inch notebook is expected to create an impact in India.

Currently there are two Wizard series in the laptops made by eSys-Wizard

6000 series laptops with 15-inch screen and Wizard 8000 series laptops with

12-inch screen. The expected price range of these laptops would be between Rs

28,990 to

Rs 44,990 (plus taxes).

More than 150 business partners graced this occasion with their presence.

Microsoft and Intel representatives also addressed the meet. Apart from

notebook, eSys is also planning to venture into the retail segment of computer

peripherals and accessories-printers, keyboards, mouse, speakers, CD ROMS, etc

at a very competitive price range.

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