ESDS data centre to deploy true cloud video surveillance sentir platform from Iveda

ESDS has signed a MOU with Iveda, a leading enabler of cloud-based video surveillance through its Sentir platform at CeBIT India, Bengaluru.

The ESDS data center will launch Indian version of Iveda’s innovative video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) to offer customers the ability to record, monitor and store video from any IP-enabled camera and alarms from anywhere –including moving vehicles like school buses, ambulances, police vehicles, etc.

The milestone marks ESDS’s entry into the fast-growing Security and Surveillance market of India. ESDS is partnering with Anexsecure, a division of SSSPL – based in Bengaluru who has successfully deployed high end surveillance solutions in many segments – including hundreds of school buses and critical security requiring organizations all over India. Anexsecure and ESDS plan to work with ISPs and System Integrators for national level deployments of Cloud video hosted solutions.

“This is all in preparation for a true cloud Video Surveillance as a Service market launch in India in-line with the direction of DIGITAL INDIA and SAFE INDIA initiatives announced by PM Modi,” said Piyush Somani, CEO of ESDS .

He added, “I look forward to making a joint announcement with our partners and customers as we finalize our plans to market VSaaS SECURITY in India.”

“We were interested in working with Iveda because of the flexibility of Sentir’s platform, its quick go-to-market strategy and the compelling economics. Because Sentir does not require upfront capital expenditures and charges a licensing fee for each camera activated, Iveda provides immediate positive cash flow to service providers with significant upside,” said Somani.

“With licensing agreements in place in Mexico, Philippines, Japan and now in India, service providers around the world are quickly recognizing the benefits of the Sentir platform,” Said David Ly, CEO and chairman of Iveda.

“I feel proud to announce the alliance of an Indian SME representing the SME Chapter of MAIT with an international company at SME Pavilion of MAIT, CeBIT India. It is a significant achievement as facilitating alliances of Indian SMEs with international companies is our key agenda,” said Anwar Shirpurwala, executive director, MAIT.

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