Escotel and Yahoo! tie-up for SMS servic

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Escotel Mobile Communications Ltd and Yahoo! India, have come together to

offer state-of-the-art ‘Yahoo! for SMS’ mobile applications to Escotel

subscribers making Escotel the first in all its circles and second operator in

India to enter into a forward looking, customer centric long term alliance of

this kind with Yahoo! India.

The ‘Yahoo! for SMS’ offerings for Escotel subscribers will include the

widely popular Yahoo! messenger service. This enables mobile phone users

(through SMS) to communicate with any of their friends on their Yahoo! messenger

buddy list.

The offering allows users to communicate seamlessly and instantly across the

PC and mobile phone devices.


To avail of the service the Escotel user needs to have a Yahoo! Id. To log

in, the user needs to type ‘IN_Yahoo!ID_Yahoo!password’ on his mobile phone,

and send it as an SMS to 8242 (please note that the password is case sensitive)

and he will then be logged in. The user immediately gets a SMS with the list of

his friends that are online at that time. Almost all the functionality on the PC

interface of the Yahoo! messenger will be available to the Escotel subscriber on

his mobile phone too — the user will be able to send and reply messages, add

and delete friends, logout etc.

‘Yahoo! for SMS’ also includes other popular services such as downloading

of cricket scores, jokes, ring-tones, logos and picture messages for mobile

phones that cater to the new trend of personalizing mobile phones.

To download the latest cricket score send ckt as an SMS to 8243. To get a

joke send joke as an SMS to 8243. This service is available to all Escotel


Announcing the launch of the service, Sonjoy Mohanty, Chief Officer (Customer

Acquisition and Retention), Escotel Mobile Communications Ltd said, “Our

endeavor is bringing people closer by providing innovative and easy to use

features. The ‘Yahoo! for SMS’ service will enable our subscribers to be in

touch with their loved ones wherever they maybe and avail services like e-mail

and instant messenger without using a PC. This service reinforces Escotel's

commitment to bringing new benefits to its customers through innovation and

leading edge technology.”

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