eScan offers remote support

DQW Bureau
New Update


eScan, a product of MicroWorld, has now introduced enhanced customer support

facility 'eScan Remote Support' (ERS). This latest feature will effectively and

securely enable eScan to give faster and better support to all its customers


The new feature, ERS, when started by a customer, will help eScan support

team to establish a secure remote connection to their machines, and provide help

with their queries, problems and if needed, even demonstrate the product to them

from a remote location. Ensuring faster turn-around time, this latest feature

will help increase efficiency by providing access to the exact nature of any

issue faced by the customer, which is sometimes very difficult to gauge over the

phone, chat or email. The ERS provides remote access by default, thereby

eliminating the need to download utilities that enable access to remote


“ERS is aimed at reducing turn-around time on problem solving and increasing

efficiency. We are confident that it will certainly help us garner more share in

the market worldwide, and will surely give us a big leap, in terms of customer

and partner satisfaction,” explained Govind Rammurthy, CEO and MD, MicroWorld

Sunil Kripalani, VP-Global Sales and Marketing, MicroWorld said, “ERS is

already available with the latest hotfix ( and will shortly be

available in newer eScan/MailScan builds. One can check the availability of ERS

on their machines, by hovering the mouse on the eScan Red-Shield Icon in the

system tray and looking at the version displayed. If the last three digits are

greater than or equal to 463, then ERS is already installed in the machine and

it can be accessed by right-clicking on the eScan Red-Shield icon and selecting

“eScan Remote Support.”