Epson puts its best foot forward to regain the lost ground

DQW Bureau
New Update


With the recent launch of its new printer--C41SX, Epson has put a completely

new strategy in the market to gain the lost ground. It has begun a slew of

marketing initiatives that range from innovative loyalty schemes to price

protection for the older inventories for the channel partners.

This new strategy is proving to be quite successful so far. The channel

partners are also showing greater confidence in Epson, as they are able to

retain healthier bottomlines with Epson printers through the various

channel-oriented schemes and marketing initiatives.

Taposh Chatterjee, Director, Peripheral Solutions, was very bullish about

Epson printers. "People who know about Epson printers can never think of

buying any other printer. It's just that HP or other players score over Epson

due to the lesser brand consciousness that it enjoys. I am providing value-added

services along with the regular service and it is reaping me very healthy



However, Anil Sachdeva, Director, Kadam Marketing, a leading partner of

Epson, is satisfied with the product but feels that Epson does not have a

well-defined marketing strategy in place.

Azra Fatima, Manager (Marcom), Epson India, said, "Right now the focus

is on building a concrete channel network and creating a well-educated customer

base." The new printer comes at the price of their earlier printer with

twice as many features as the earlier one. This new printer has been accepted

quite well in the market as per the market feedback.

To sustain the older inventories, Epson has revised the pricing for

C20SX--the earlier model, is providing the price protection to its dealers and

marketing initiatives in which the classified advertisements contain the

reseller's name and new price. It is trying to educate the end user through its

canopy program in which Epson deals with users face to face. Its demo center has

also proved to be a blessing as a lot of customers are easily convinced to buy

an Epson printer after looking at it in action.

Epson is also trying to give the maximum support right now to the last tier

of the channel partners to generate sales confidence. "The idea is to

create a gentle pull from the market to ease the push in the market," added


Shweta Khanna