Epson launches its business range of MM projectors

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Epson has unveiled

the Epson EMP-

1700, EMP-1705, EMP-1710 and EMP-1715 multimedia projectors. The Epson new series of XGA-resolution projectors boast some of the industry’s

most advanced features. Besides advanced PC-less functionality and smart connectivity features, the Epson EMP-1705 and

EMP-1715 support the three most common wireless protocols (ie IEEE802.11a/b/g), offering wireless versatility and compatibility for all your connectivity needs.

EMP-1700 Price: Rs 1.14 lakh

EMP-1705 Price: Rs 1.28 lakh

EMP-1710 Price: Rs 1.32 lakh

EMP-1715 Price: Rs 1.54 lakh



  • Multi-screen display: Multi-screen display allows users to simultaneously transmit images from a network of up to four projectors from just one computer. Users can choose between displaying concurrent images or four different applications. For users who need to project wide spreadsheets or panoramic pictures, they will appreciate the projectors’ ability to display wide lateral images. By using four projectors in a side-by-side arrangement, users can create an ultra-wide screen.
  • USB cable connection: The Epson EMP-1705 and EMP-1715 bring connectivity options to the users with a direct USB (version 2.0, PC compatible only) cable connection to the computer. Being ubiquitous, even first time users should have little or no trouble with establishing USB port connection as the projector automatically detects and projects images upon connection of the USB cable
  • Wireless movie sending with sound: The latest built-in file transfer technology enables the projectors to receive and project MPEG 2 movie files wirelessly for high quality full screen video streaming, complete with sound.
  • PC-less presentations: The Epson EMP-1705 and EMP-1715 come with a second USB (version 2.0) port for the added convenience of PC-less presentations. The port connects seamlessly to all compatible USB external storage devices including digital still cameras, thumb-drives and even the Apple iPod.

  • Network functionality: The optional Ethernet card available with the wireless series allows users the flexibility of using a LAN cable connection when wireless connection is not possible due to security issues. With the wide choice of connectivity options, users have the freedom to choose the best set-up in any environment




    EMP-1710 EMP-1705 EMP-1700 Lumens 2700


    AN+ SI


    Weight 1.7kg 1.6kg 1.7kg 1.6kg Dimensions 193

    x 273 x 68mm (excluding protruding parts)

    Yes No Yes No No.

    of USB ports

    (1 Type A and 1 Type B)
    1 2

    (1 Type A and 1 Type B)

  • Intelligent maintenance management and advanced security features: When used together with Epson’s EMP Monitor software, users can monitor and manage the condition of all networked projectors from one location. There is remote access to functions such as power-on or off and also control over the type of input device to be projected.
  • Built-in A/V mute slide function: This function is especially useful when projector operations need to be suspended temporarily
  • Smaller and lighter: The new projectors are now even smaller, lighter and are able to project images far brighter than the similar range of projectors currently available.

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