Epson intros new HTPS panels for 3LCD projectors

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Seiko Epson Corporation ('Epson') has developed new high tempera-ture

poly-silicon (HTPS) panel technology incorporating an inorganic alignment layer

for use in 3LCD projectors. In addition to maintaining the bright images

achieved in existing D series panels, this technology enhances aper-ture ratios,

definition, and im-age quality to enable the dev-elopment of projectors offer-ing

an even more realistic HDTV experience. Reflecting the crystal clear images made

possible by this new inorganic alignment layer HTPS tech-nology, Epson has

called it Crystal Clear Fine (C2 Fine).

According to the press release, given growing dem-and for corporate presentat-ions,

increasing use of IT in the educational sector, rising sales of data projectors,

and a home projection market with rapidly emerging needs for home theater and

large-screen TV applications, the new C2 Fine technology has been develo-ped to

make 3LCD projector images even brighter, more natural, and easier on the eye,

as well as meeting market demands for products with higher aperture ratios,

defini-tion, and picture quality.

This technology will be used in products starting from 2006. Epson has

developed a full lineup of products featur-ing a new dimension in picture

quality for the home theater market. The new HTPS techno-logy will be used in

various product types, and continuing development efforts will lead to even

higher performance levels in the future. With its original and highly efficient

production technologies, Ep-son believes that it will contri-bute to the further

growth of the market for 3LCD front-type projectors and projection TVs.

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