“Enjoy the Journey” with WatchGuard

DQW Bureau
17 Sep 2010
New Update


WatchGuard Technologies, a

global leader of business security solutions has introduced

WatchGuard India Incentive scheme named “Enjoy the Journey.” In

fact, this is the second time the company has introduced the scheme.

Earlier the scheme was floated from July 2009 to January 2010.

style="font-weight: normal;">When

we had launched the scheme for the first time in July 2009, we had

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of participants from across the regions and the response was

overwhelming. Seeing the response, we decided to launch the scheme

once again and provide yet another opportunity to those who missed

the scheme last time,” informed style="font-weight: normal;">Mohit

Puri, Country Manager, India and SAARC, WatchGuard Technologies.

As per the scheme, the

sales persons of the company's channel partners will have to send

qualified leads and on return they are assured of cash rewards. Even

if the lead does not get closed, the sales person is entitled for the

reward just by locking the lead with WatchGuard. He is also entitled

for bigger rewards if the deal gets through.

The incentive scheme is

valid throughout 2010. Under the scheme the sales person can get Rs

200 per lead if he locks five qualified leads, Rs 250 per lead if he

locks six to 10 qualified leads, Rs 300 per lead if he locks 11 to 15

qualified leads, Rs 350 per lead if he locks 16 to 20 qualified leads

and Rs 400 per lead if he locks 21 to 25 qualified leads. The scheme

is valid on the company's X10e / XTM 21, X20e / XTM 22, X55e / XTM

23, X550e / XTM, X750e / XTM, X1250e / XTM, X5500e / XTM, X6500e,

X8500e / XTM 810, XTM 820, XTM 830 and XTM 1050e product line.