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Enjay Launches Affordable, GST-Ready CRM For India Market

Indian born leading CRM player Enjay IT solutions has recently launched their new CRM meant for Indian business.

Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT solutions launched the new CRM amidst leading channel partners and CIO in the city. Speaking on the launch, Limesh said  that the primary reason for any CIO go for a CRM is to make their work sans complication and that gives maximum analytical figures and consumes less work in the data-entry. “We have designed in a way it does not cost much and kept Indian business climate in mind. Our CRM meets global standards at much affordable cost which any CIO or business owners of a SME firm can opt for. Our products go well from a 1-member organization to Ten-Thousand user firm.”

Limesh also said that the product has all the buzzing word in the CRM business- SMAC (Social, media, analytical and cloud). Explaining that most of the IT teams suffer out of the huge data-entry work which consumes maximum man-hours and the challenge is addressed in the new CRM. Some of the other features like mobile-friendly, GBS-based meeting schedules, instant escalation to the entire hierarchy in the organization are supposedly the added benefits. The product is available in both cloud and software. The product aims to at capturing the service sector where customer relation is the bread and butter. “We are launching two Mobile Apps – Enjay Longitude and Enjay Latitude. Enjay Longitude is customer service app which replaces customer service portal. It allows customers to create support tickets and request call back. Enjay Latitude is a Mobile CRM which logs all the activities automatically at the same time gives you power of CRM in your hands.”, he Limesh added.

Channel Plans:

The Vapi-based company has both channel and direct model. Speaking on the channel perspective of the product, he said that the new CRM will give assured margin of 5-40% for the channel partners. “I firmly believe that the Indian channel partners should start looking at CRM business which has been looked positively by research agencies like Garner. And at Enjay, we also ensure a recurring avenue for the channel partners through this new CRM”. Limesh concluded.

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