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Enhanced Lenovo’s Conference Room Manager Unveiled in India

Lenovo has unveiled its new version of the ThinkSmart Room Manager conference room solution that was announced in December, adding new functionality to a tool that helps IT administrators keep meeting rooms as a highly productive space.

This Room Manager is a transformative tool designed to help businesses drive better communication and collaboration in the workplace, empowering IT and operations teams with a way to evolve the workplace itself. It gives admins the power to deploy, manage and monitor all of their Lenovo ThinkSmart meeting room devices from one place, enabling full visibility into device status.

By enabling bulk restarts and updates, the Room Manager makes device deployment quicker and easier for IT admins, reducing the need to perform individual deployments. Admins can also check status and uptime, conduct automatic issue detection, and solve problems proactively. Over time, they can optimize and refine conference room setups, paving the way for greater organizational productivity.

As office spaces are redesigned with health and safety in mind, IT teams need tools that help them enable and support a distributed and hybrid workforce. Collaboration technology tools remain at the heart of user productivity and engagement, but these tools need to be supported, often remotely. This Room Manager delivers a single console remote management utility to ease the burden on IT admin staff by minimizing local high-touch service of devices and ensuring ThinkSmart collaboration technology continues to operate with high availability. This tool helps support the use of select ThinkSmart devices including the ThinkSmart Hub 500, Hub, Cam, Bar, ThinkSmart Edition Tiny and supported Logitech peripherals.

Rohit Midha, Director of Service Sales, Lenovo India said “This year has proved to us that technology can stimulate productive collaboration in a diverse work environment. Expanding our smart collaboration solutions is primary in our aspiration to offer customers the best user experiences for productive meetings. Whether it’s a flexible computer device, meeting room accessories or end-to-end managed services, we believe Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Manager can help customers fast-track their digital transformation in the new normal.”

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