EMC rolls out preferred distribution program

New Delhi

EMC has introduced a Preferred Distribution Program (PDP) in India which was rolled out earlier this year and intends to change the current distribution model, benefits for distributors and resellers.

EMC executed PDP program in US for its distributors and resellers which received tremendous success. To extend similar support, PDP has been introduced in India now wherein reseller can choose preferred distributor which they deem will bring value into their EMC business, from an overall growth perspective.

In this program, distributors will participate, in reseller’s investment, to plan and grow EMC revenues, by way of marketing events, talent enhancement, Geo-expansion, strategic verticals, etc. in addition to pre-sales, sales and support which has been truly observed as value addition by distributors for its resellers.

“At Ingram Micro we are stepping up investments across the company to help partners grow business in new technologies, verticals and customer opportunities. The EMC Preferred Distribution Program has brought us closer to our resellers where we mutually share accountability and ownership for our success. We are investing in our resellers by aligning with their marketing events to help generate pipeline, head-counts based on their strategic growth plan, special credit offerings, demo-equipments, implementation & service, etc,” said Navneet Singh Bindra, Ingram Micro.

PDP resulted in accountability and  ownership for mutual success. On the other hand the growth for resellers and distributors has also resulted in profitability and a healthy pipeline. This program with a motto to nurture the healthy relationships between its channels has made its existence in appreciable manner as initiated by EMC from the mutual growth to business growth.


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