EMC redefining data lake infrastructure with predictive analysis

Ishleen Kaur
05 Mar 2015
EMC redefining data lake infrastructure with predictive analysis

To make Big Data Lake solution more competitive  EMC has launched the Data Lake Foundation. The solutions are compatible to the growing need of the Indian market. All factors like cost, efficiency, integration have been carefully dealt with.

EMC’s Data Lake Foundation consolidates data and applications while delivering analytics wherever needed to address these challenges. It will help customers eliminate storage silos and provide simpler ways to store and manage data so they can focus efforts toward gaining insights and value from their data. It includes solutions like Isilon which has been enabled with next generation use cases and increase capacity 2.5X.

Amit Mehta, director sales, Isilon, “As the volume, variance and velocity of data have expanded dramatically, traditional techniques to store, manage and analyze information have proven to be too expensive and too slow to handle the massive data volumes modern enterprises produce. Many organizations are also challenged by the proliferation of inefficient storage silos across their enterprises that are difficult to manage and protect.”

Channel partners will play a crucial role in reaching out to market. Recently EMC has also revamped its partner program making it more channel friendly. With Data Lake foundation EMC plans to expand its vertical across telecom, government, entertainment etc.

With EMC Isilon innovations we are enabling organizations to consolidate their unstructured data and implement a highly efficient and flexible Data Lake Foundation for their enterprise that readily supports traditional and next-generation workloads and applications. These new Isilon products strengthen the enterprise-grade data lake foundation with significantly expanded storage capacity, support for new workloads, and enhanced data protection and security options” added Mehta.

The new Isilon HD400 platform allows customers to scale to an unprecedented 50PB within a single cluster. This platform is ideal for customers who require a high-capacity platform to store between 2PB and 50PB. This capacity is ideal for Deep Archiving, Disaster Recovery and for building out a high-capacity Data Lake Foundation. Further, the extremely dense (3.2PB/ rack) HD400 will help reduce operational expenses including power, cooling and datacenter floor space expense by 50%.



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