Elitecore makes a foray into Southeast Asia market

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Overwhelmed by the positive response from its participation at Singapore's

Communic-Asia 2005, Ahmedabad based provi-der of convergent billing and Internet

access management solutions Elitecore Technolo-gies Ltd is making its entry into

the Southeast Asian markets. The company is already engag-ed in talks with 10

solution providers in the Southeast Asian region to implement its solutions for

different telecom service providers.

"Though I would not be able to mention the name of the solution

providers, but we are working with 10 such compa-nies in countries like Singa-pore,

Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. The service providers in this

region find our products quite cost effective, so that makes things easier for

us," informed Nikhil Jain, President and COO, Elitecore.

Targeting the Southeast Asian region, the company has just launched its

convergent billing framework 'JISP Billing' at CommunicAsia 2005. "This

is a triple-play age as different operators are trying to push voice, video and

data in order to gain more market share as well as customers. JISP facili-tates

convergence at the cus-tomer, OSS and BSS level, while enabling fine

segmenta-tion at the customer, service and geographic levels," Jain added.


Through a modular archi-tecture, offering billing, cus-tomer care, mediation

and provisioning at a single go, the company is positioning JISP to offer

flexibility and scalability to service providers.

"Today service providers are grappling with issues of customer churn,

low ARPUs and revenue leakage, by providing a comprehensive approach to handle

the four Cs - customers, competition, con-tent and channel partners - JISP not

only attracts and retains customers, it prevents revenue leakage too," Jain


With its eyes on the Southeast Asian market, the company is looking forward

to having formal partnerships with solution providers in place within the next

one-month time frame.

The author was hosted in Singapore by Sonus Networks.

Zia Askari