Elektrans Shipping implements the SDSD Marine Asset Management System

Elektrans Shipping, part of the Elektrans Group, recently announced that they have adopted a Marine Asset Management System (MAMS), a system, offered by global SDSD Group, a maritime software provider since 1983. Elektrans ground shipping arm adopted the system following a thorough selection process, and are now implementing the web based integrated fleet management system throughout the entire Elektrans fleet and its global offices.

The Elektrans Group recognises the synergies and benefits of implementing the MAMS ship management software for their global, and expanding, shipping operations.

The MAMS integrated fleet management system covers all aspects of ship management, including planned maintenance, safety, procurement, crewing and voyage management, and provides a solid business intelligence and compliance tool.

According to Elektrans Group CEO Michael Elwert; “This is yet another important milestone in our strategic drive and ultimate goal – to be among the best performing integrated shipping service providers, as establish ourselves as a reputable shipowner trading to the highest standards.” He further added that: “MAMS is a state-of-the-art ship management system that addresses the needs of any ship management operation regardless of staff and vessel capacity, complexity and locations.”

The system will allow Elektrans to share real time data on its shipping operations with relevant third- parties and stakeholders and drive higher compliance and data validity.

On this occasion, Capt. Michael Elwert (Group CEO of Elektrans Global) commented,” Since inception, Elektrans has envisioned servicing the global maritime sector to the highest of standards. By implementing MAMS we are aggressively pursuing our strategic themes and surpassing the competition. The system will help us strengthen the structures, processes and procedures in our shipping division. We will continue to make our systems and people adapt to technology and practices that can elevate the industry as yield Elektrans a competitive edge”.

The implementation of MAMS will further accelerate the growth of the company while steering it towards gaining global accreditation as an integrated shipping services provider.



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