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The city of Rohtak is located in the state of Haryana, North of India.

Primarily an agrarian society, Rohtak has a number of dairy factories and a

sprawling cloth market. It also has more than 200 businesses dealing with

products like nuts and bolts, oil, soap and alumunium strips. Located around 75

km from Gurgaon and 100 km from New Delhi, the city also has a number of

educational institutions.

It is the education vertical that caters to a lot of the IT business in the

city. Apart from that retail and government sectors also account for Rohtak's

growth. Channel partners in the region believe that despite the slow economy,

the city's IT market has continued to grow. Anil Gupta, CEO, Anil Enterprises

said, "There has been a growth of around 20-25 percent in the last year in

Rohtak and its surrounding areas. A lot of people from nearby villages buy their

IT products from Rohtak. This has fuelled the growth in here. However, if one

talks about the city itself, the market has fairly constant and has stood the

test of the slowdown, emerging unaffected." Sharing a similar point of view,

Satish Kumar Mittal of Computer World elucidated, "We saw a growth here last

fiscal, thanks to the educational institutes that have sprung up in the area.

The government, too, caters to some of our business here, with SOHO and retail

following closely behind." Unsurprisingly, there is a high demand for laptops

here, with the channel partners collectively selling around 70-100 per month.


Although there are about 30-40 channel partners in the city, the region does

not have a single national distributor. Dealers get their products from either

Gurgaon or New Delhi. This sometimes causes inconvenience to the dealers,

especially when it concerns the warranty of products. Unavailability of certain

products within immediate reach is also problematic. However, most vendors have

designated technicians catering to the servicing needs of the city and therefore

the partners are not grappling with service-related issues. "Brands such as HCL,

Samsung and other have designated servicing engineers that look after our

products. If the matter is extremely complex, the item is couriered to a more

equipped service center in either Gurgaon or New Delhi," explained Gupta.

Anil Gupta, CEO, Gupta Enterprises

What are the major growth drivers in Rohtak?

Education, retail and SOHO are the major growth drivers. Government

projects are also fuelling growth for us.

What are the popular laptops

brands here?

HCL, Acer, Compaq and Samsung are top sellers.

What are major issues in the IT market?

We sometimes face warranty-related issues. It would also be great to

have a major national distributor setting up office here. We always have to

run to Gurgaon and sometimes even New Delhi for products. Stock becomes an

issue then.



Market name: Rohtak

Market location: In Haryana, North of India

Surrounding markets: Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad

Number of dealers: 40

Prominent dealers: Anil Enterprises, Computer World

National distributors: None

Business verticals: Education, SOHO, retail, government

Business trends: The education segment is a major growth driver for

the IT market in the city

Despite having around 30-40 dealers, the city has not yet formed an IT

association to give the resellers a unified platform. "We have been thinking

about creating an association for a long time now, but nothing concrete has been

planned as yet," said Mittal. However, Gupta of Anil Enterprises explained that

the real reason that the city has not yet seen the formation of an association

is because it is not easy to bring the partners in the area under one umbrella.

"Some partners have very small shops, while others are big players. Their issues

are very different. However, we are planning to create one very soon, and

hopefully we will be success in this endeavor."

Madhura Mukherjee