NIC 1, Google 0

There was a news recently that responding to data security concerns raised over its arrangement with Google for online voter facilitation, the Election Commission called off its negotiations with the…

What Should Kejriwal do for IT?

While I am writing this, Arvind Kejriwal and his merry band of AAP-ians are likely to take oath and be sworn in as ministers and MLAs in Ramlila Ground tomorrow; by the time you read this the AAP government will be in place in Delhi (barring any Congress-orchestrated last-minute glitches)

Print or Digital–What’s Your Fix?

professionals (especially those in the technology industry or those whose job profile involves dealing with IT) across the globe and more and more people are converting their daily news reading habits to switch to digital media in some way or the other. And technology news is widely read on digital media; in fact, most tech news is being read online, reveals a recent survey in Europe.