ECS offers anti-static protection on motherboards

DQW Bureau
New Update



Computer Systems (ECS) recently announced that its entire series of

motherboards will now be available with anti-static (ESD) protection.

All ECS motherboards, having passed the ESD test will prevent

computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance its

durability and lifespan.

Since static

electricity is a silent PC killer, ECS has taken this step to protect

and improve user experience. This makes ECS motherboards four times

safer from static electricity. Users do not have to worry about their

motherboard being attacked by invisible static electricity when

plugging in any external devices.



this innovative step, Karan Khemka, product manager-ECS, Rashi

Peripherals said, “Prevention is always better than cure. We

welcome this innovation from ECS which works on improving the overall

user experience while providing protection against the unknown static

factor affecting our computer hardware.”