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The recent quake that rocked Gujarat left behind a saga of ruin, pain and

suffering. It also exposed the inadequacy of the government to handle relief

operations, where private companies and NGO-s were more alert and better

equipped to tackle such a scale of disaster. The Internet has a lot of

information about earthquakes. Information on why they happen, how they happen,

a chronology of earthquakes that have wreaked havoc in the past, even earthquake

prevention and recovery.

We checked out some of the sites. And here is what we found.

When the earth moves


The site lists quake-prone locations and marks them on a moving globe, a

section on how earthquakes occur, a history of seismology, accounts of major

earthquakes all over the globe, and more.

This Website is a disaster mitigation and vulnerability Atlas of India. It

identifies various hazard prone areas, and suggests technical guidelines for

hazard resistant construction of buildings.


The site has extensive information on earthquakes worldwide. It includes

current information, preparedness reports, maps, seismological data, information

resources and more from the National Earthquake center.

Earthquake glossary


This site has a glossary of terms related to the earthquake. It also has

information on earth structure, earthquakes, plate tectonics and earthquake




This site is an extensive check- list of precautions to take before and

during an earthquake. Also lots of other natural calamity information.


A superb guide on do's and don'ts during an earthquake. Find common sense

guides to what do before, during, and after an earthquake, how to survive one,

how to plan your food supply, and lots more of practical advice.

Measuring Earthquakes


This site has answers to how earthquakes are measured, what the scales mean,

and more.


You can also make online donations for the distressed victims of the Gujarat

quake. Apart from the main news portals of India, contribute funds at the

following links.

Kutch portal, which features earthquake reports, address where you can donate

for earthquake victims.

A site which has a list of agencies accepting contributions to help Indian

earthquake victims.

Besides online donations this site also has information on relief funds,

emergency supplies lists, important phone numbers, urgently required materials,

list of NGO's involved on relief operation.

Swapna Khanna and Reshma Sanyal