E-romance is in the air

A recent Hotmail survey
conducted on MSN India revealed that almost 54 percent Indians rely
on e-mails to keep their romance alive in the new era of ‘Up in the
air’ lifestyles. If aeroplanes were invented to take travel to the
next level, e-mails were invented to make these distances shrink
virtually as per a Microsoft Hotmail survey conducted on MSN. In
fact, close to 50 percent of the respondents said that they exchange
saucy e-mails to keep their relationship steamy whereas 20 percent
frequently exchange romantic or flirtatious e-mails. What’s more,
Indian lovers don’t limit their imagination to words alone-33
percent of the respondents indicated that they exchange romantic or
saucy images with one another to fuel their passions.

Most surprisingly, 30
percent of the respondents in India revealed they have told someone
they love them for the first time through an e-mail and 57 percent
have have even proposed using the virtual route! The research
conducted on MSN, polled more than 9,000 people in several Asian and
European countries.

“It is interesting to
note that whereas e-mail was regarded as a somewhat impersonal means
of communication, compared to the phone or the hand-written letter, a
great number of people are actually using e-mail to share their
profound and intimate feelings,” noted Rathin Lahiri,
Director-Online Business, Consumer & Online, Microsoft India.
“With the new Hotmail, sending files of almost any size isn’t an
issue, so incorporating personal photos and videos can add a special
touch to the romantic e-mails you send on Valentine’s Day, or
whenever you want to express your feelings in a special way,” he

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