E-RIDELITE: The Electric Bike For India Seeking Crowdfunding

Fueladream, the Bangalore based crowd funding platform today unveiled the next generation electric bike e-RideLite in the city. The e-RideLite team worked on creating an environment friendly affordable bike, which will provide an alternate mode of mass transportation. The team has been working on this project for last 4 years and is now set to launch the 2 models of the electric bike in India . These e-bikes will be available exclusively on Fueladream.com.

Two factors will make the dream of making an eco- friendly bike at an affordable cost come true. One is their experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing in India. The second is their crowdfunding strategy, which is mutually beneficial to manufacturer and consumer alike. The combination of these two factors will in turn promote high volume sales, as also a reduction in the price of product at which it can be offered.

Commenting on the launch Ram Prasad, CMO, Fueladream.com said, “We are excited to unveil the environment friendly next generation ebike for the Indian market. The e-bikes are the future of alternative transportation. I hope with the support the funders, it will pave a way towards new trends in transportation.”

Speaking on the product features, Ajeeth Kumar, Founder &CEO, R2H Motors said, “The team has crafted each feature keeping the customers and the Indian roads in mind. The e-bikes are stylish, lightweight and sturdy. People will love riding the bike.”

Key Features & Benefits:

1. Removable Battery: Lithium Ion batteries

2. Rechargeable battery: Battery can also be charged while pedalling!

3. Great pick up: 20km per hour in 10 seconds

4. Flexible modes:6 gears in the manual/pedal mode

5. Range: eRide Lite 50 : 50 plus km on a single charge & eRideLite90 :90 plus km on a single charge

6. Other Features: A sturdy, patent-pending frame design, disc brakes on both wheels, shock absorbers in the front wheels

On the platform, you can not only fund this idea, but even pre-order it, i.e., funders can get to own the E-Ride Lite E-bike! The pre-order prices for the 2 models on Fueladream would be from 23,900 INR to 35,900 INR, which would be 40% lower than their market price!

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