e-health care project launched in Sirsa

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An ambitious e-Health initiative has been laun-ched by the

e-Health Institute with support from Digital Partners India in Sirsa, Haryana.

The project aims to ensure uniformly accessible, afforda-ble and equitable

healthcare for rural populations by using Information and Communi-cation

Technologies (ICTs) enab-lers with pre-existing though underutilized public

health services.

Digital Partners India that started its operations in 2001 in

New Delhi has been engaged in exploring the ways ICTs can help generate the

momentum to bridge the digital divide and empower the poor.

According to Digital Partners India president Satish Jha, the

e-health program that is being piloted in Sirsa district in the northern Indian

state of Har-yana involves the development of a Web based e-health soft-ware

application that records a comprehensive health profile for each patient at the

Primary Health Center (PHC).


"This would include informa-tion such as date of birth,

immunization schedules and details of illnesses, treatment, follow ups, future

appoint-ments with doctors and so on. All health related data is captu-red at

the local health care delivery center and is made available to all medical

profes-sionals on an as-required basis after due authorization," he


Jha said that the application also facilitated mapping of

healthcare information to other layers of healthcare delivery system such as

community hea-lthcare, state and district health programs, hospitals and specia-list

healthcare centers etc, enhancing the efficacy of health education and awareness


"The application not only helps in simplifying and

suppo-rting rural healthcare delivery but also goes a long way in assi-sting

state and local authorities in devising pertinent healthcare strategies and

improving the overall health situation in rural areas," he said.


Earlier, Digital Partners India supported the National

Network for India’s Vote Smart India (VSI) initiative during the recent Delhi

Asse-mbly elections. VSI is a cam-paign run by the National Network For India (NNFI).

Digital Partners India suppor-ted NNFI by helping it develop a Web-based

application that disseminates information for each candidate contesting


This application allows for voters and the contesting can-didates

to post their comments and interact with each other through the website.

Nanda Kasabe

(CyberMedia News Service)