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E-Commerce Sale ruins Delhi IT market

Once again festive has come with lots of opportunities for business class. However this is not true for all. Offline vendors are still enduring the consequences of e-commerce marketplace on their businesses.

Channel partners in Delhi are worried as they are losing business mostly because of multiple offers and discounts given to the customers on online sale. These online schemes are reducing the customer base for offline market.

While trend of online shopping has been set up and most of the consumers now prefer to buy their stuffs from online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart which are giving up to 70% offs on the IT products.

Sharad Midha, Vice President CMDA says, “The market is still slow because of GST and the multiple schemes offered by the online shopping sites are attracting consumers more. E-Commerce is giving us tough competition as the online market gives more offers on house hold products like TV, AC, fridge etc. As people do not get the time to go to the stores they ultimately land on these sites to buy stuffs.”

Rajeshwar Tiwari, a member of Computer Media Dealers Association commented on the situation, “The market is okay but right now our all old customers are getting attracted towards the online shopping and it is reducing our customers.”

Girish Bharti, another member of CMDA says, “This whole thing is happening because of GST implementation. We thought it will solve our problem but we are still facing the problem. However, we are doing business online to make profits. Online sale is one of the way to clear the old stocks which was kept unsold during the Pre GST sale.”


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