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E-commerce Affects Bengaluru Traders

The trade bodies in Bengaluru seem in a satisfactory situation after GST implementation however, after effects is not the subject of discussion now.

On the other hand, Bengaluru IT traders are facing another issue which is causing them much loss. Here distributors are concern about rise in e-commerce business which is effecting the electronic market in a big way. In the current scenario the channel partners are running in huge loss as consumers are buying more from online platform. As we all know the major reasons of buying things online is—less price, more choices and less time consumption and as a consumer that’s affordable.

Distributor’s main concern is of price difference. The traders are not allowed to give discounts under certain limits however online is crazy over giving offers. Talking to The DQ Week, Manoj Kumar Agarwal of Ashram Consultancy Services says, “At this time margins in the business has really came down because of the rise in e-commerce or online shopping sites. Online sectors are using the discounts and offers as their marketing strategy. So that way our community is getting effected”.

Dinesh Prateek of Ashirwaad Computers has also shares, “Market is also suffering due to vendors who are mal-practicing. Some of them play with us and sells at higher rate than that of the online. At the end the customers are getting the products online at much lower range. Hence every trader is suffering because of the growth of the e-commerce in IT market”.

Meanwhile apart from these issues the traders are taking GST in a positive way. N Patalwala of Alfa Consumables says, “GST is a good initiative but it will take some time to transform. We traders are in pain because of the fast growing online trading. The biggest issue now is how we will manage if customers will totally depend on the online buying.”

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