Dropbox Launches Project Infinite to Store Big Data

DQW Bureau
26 Apr 2016
Dropbox Launches Project Infinite to Store Big Data

Dropbox showcases Project Infinite in London at an open Dropbox event on Tuesday at the  Open event in London. The feature will help people in news ways of finding, accessing, and collaborating with large amounts of data.

With Project Infinite, Dropbox is aiming to solve a common problem in today's environment i.e., to access and process Big Data without having to save it in local drives. It plans to do this by showing files stored in the cloud the same ways as files stored locally on Windows and OS X. The feature will be immediately useful to people having devices with limited storage space, such as light portable laptops.

As before, files and folders can be synced with the cloud and the local storage on our PC and will show a green tick mark and will open in the usual way. Files that are not synced locally will show a cloud icon, and users can open those files in an almost regular fashion to local files. However, the process of downloading the files from the Dropbox may slow down the process in case of Big data. Any changes will be updated with the Cloud.

Project Infinite also has drag-and-drop function, making it easy for the users to move files. Project Infinite can support cross-platform access and backwards-compatibility on any computer running Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.9 and up.

It is not yet clear as to when the company plans to bring this feature for general users.

Dropbox is usedby hundreds of millions of users around the world.





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