Radhakrishnan Pillai

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai Speaks at ASIRT Techday

Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, leadership guru and author of several bestselling books has delivered an address at ASIRT Techday.

Though ASIRT is not alien to having presence of over 100 owners and senior management members at its monthly event ASIRT Techday, having them at 4:30 in the room for the first session was an achievement in the city of Mumbai with all its travel woes and traffic jams.  Dr Pillai training on 7 pillars of Kautilya’s Arthashashtra has been received with electric enthusiasm. The members were in their seats before time and the auditorium doors were locked. Starting with the first pillar Swami, the owner of the business and the second pillar, Amatya, the minister, or the second in command in business, the CEO coaching series started with qualities of leader, Swami, and how to make a leader of second in command. Dr Radhakrishnan, imparted Chanakya’s wisdom in his own inimitable style with thought provoking:  “A manager can be a good leader but a leader should not become a manager” and “A small business is not a small business by its turnover and size of workforce, but small business is small because the owner thinks small about the business”.  A Swami, a leaders job is to lead, an Amatya, a manager’s job is to manage the business. It is good to start the business from backyard or garage, but bad to be at the same garage after 20 years of business, and that is how Dr Pillai took the members through a whirlwind journey of what is expected of a good amatya or manager, and how to get the manager to be really competent and dependable.  As always, Chanakya Radhakrishanan Pillai’s session was greeted with a standing ovation from members.  ASIRT Gold Sponsors Vodafone came up with a different kind of presentation, instead of speaking about Vodafone services, the team presented case studies on how Vodafone made difference to business of jewellery store, food chain and services companies making an instant connect with members who offer services to businesses in the verticals.  “This novel approach would go a long way in building mutually beneficial relationship between system integrators and Vodafone”, said ASIRT president Arvind Singh welcoming the refreshing change.  Vodafone also gave a live demonstration of how prospective customers can make use of gap analysis and competitive cutting edge technologies to employ for businesses to rise to next levels. Manoj Kotak, a pioneer in digital mobile adoption was the last speaker of the day who spoke to members of importance of digital presence and the way business engagement is moving to mobility world with examples of innovations at google, Microsoft and the rest.  The event had a superstar surprise waiting. Aam Ras, or mango pulp was the star on the menu, the first of the season for members to relish.  President Arvind Singh also announced availability of Techday videos on ASIRT youtube channel.     Warmth   Kshitij M. Kotak | Chairman |  A ssociation of S ystem I ntegrators & R etailers in T echnology  Website:


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