DQWeek launches revamped website

This is part of CyberMedia's plan to enhance digital media presence at $1 mn plus investment

DQW Bureau
05 Mar 2012

CyberMedia, South Asia's oldest and largest specialty media group, has embarked on an exercise to offer multiple digital presence for all its media properties including the likes of Dataquest, PC Quest, The DQWeek, DQ Channels, Biospectrum Asia, Biospectrum India, Voice & Data, Technology Review India and CIOL among others.

CyberMedia has adopted a state-of-the-art software package retailing for over $1 mn for this purpose and has engaged with a service provider for a period of 3 years. The project aims at monetizing CyberMedia's content through induction of emerging technology platforms and improvements, so as to offer next-generation features on multiple media including the web, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.

Post implementation, the sites will offer full interactivity to visitors enabling them to use, comment, recommend and forward the content, using a variety of social media tools, from any of CyberMedia's publications. As part of this exercise, the first implementation was completed at The DQ Week, the leading newspaper for India's IT channel community with www.dqweek.com, an open information sharing online platform that is going to be extensively powered by India's IT channel community.

The portal offers real-time market information about new products launched and prices as well as latest news updates about India's domestic IT landscape and the entire reseller ecosystem. In addition, it provides a platform for the users to interactively register their own grievances and issues. It also offers opportunities to IT retailers to feature their retail outlets through picture galleries.

The DQ Week site allows the IT channel community to share their views and analysis with an over 1.5 lakh strong channel community base. It would also allow them to leverage the strong brand equity and quality information being provided by the four print editions of The DQ Week newspaper (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) that currently reaches 40,000 resellers.

The site allows users to follow companies, industries, media sources or people for information that they can trust. They can follow experts in their areas of interest; share their insight with other users and that too, on a real-time basis.

Announcing the launch of The DQ Week website as part of CyberMedia's digital reinvention of its online presence, Prasanto K Roy, chief editor, CyberMedia said that a rollout of all other group brand sites would follow rapidly. "The response has been amazing with a sharp spike in DQWeek.com's page views in the first day itself," he concluded.

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