DQ Week career fair generates enthusiasm in students

The Careerz 2000 event, organized by the DQ Week Madras, along with Kaashyap Radiant Systems Ltd, and Cioljobs.com, was a runaway success, to say the least. The event was held at the Vivekananda Auditorium, Anna University on October 21. While the host of eminent speakers provided the valued content, the massive audience, comprising of students, lecturers, parents and even grand parents, contributed immensely toward setting the right atmosphere for the career fair.
Students made up for the vast majority of the audience. Huge and enthusiastic delegations from various engineering institutions in and around Chennai attended the career fair. The reception area was besieged by buoyant students who lined up to register themselves for Careerz 2000. 

Distance did not seem to deter students from Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Namakkal, Poondamalle and Avadi either, for they too, like the Chennaites, battled the sudden early-morning downpour, which flooded the city briefly. Lecturers from various colleges too attended the event. And for those students who could not make it to the career fair, their respective parents and grandparents were there to represent them and ensure that their children did not miss out on any of the information.
Despite the fact that it was a youth congregation, there was an essential air of seriousness. Most students expressed that they had come to attend the seminar with the intention of getting a better idea about the career scene in the IT industry. When brought into conversation, some of them said that there was a marked difference between the IT scenario in the 1980’s and that of today. The computer has become a basic tool for all industries and thus they find it imperative to learn more about computers, particularly about the IT job scenario.

The atmosphere in the Vivekananda Auditorium was crisp with enthusiasm and yet serene. Breaking away from traditional norms, the speakers addressed the gathering, not from the dais but from a lectern set up near the dais. The crisp and colorful PowerPoint presentations from a laptop were beamed to a giant screen for everyone to see, without any obstructions, thereby reinforcing the emphasis on content. The presentations were seamless as that baton of the mouse was handed over from one speaker to another smoothly.

While the audience devoured every word spoken by the guest speakers, they also actively participated when the need arose. The slotted ten-minute question-hour proved insufficient for the bevy of questions that the audience posed to the speakers.
S Ramanathan’s (Head-Software Project, Grey Matter Innovations Pvt Ltd) reference to the importance of being ‘in sync’ with the international lingo (and not ‘sink’) had the audience in peals of laughter. Abraham Mathew’s (President, CIOL) “Kaun Banega Kharabpati” had the audience at their wits end. The ad hoc Lucky Draw took the students by surprise. Thirty lucky students in audience won trendy CIOL JOBS T-shirt’s each. Further, the generous sponsors of the event, Kaashyap Radiant gave a smart cap to every participant.

In short, Careerz 2000 went down well with the student community, as was indicated by their response. The audiencce sat through the three-hour program, with unwavering attention. The students of Deen Dayal Engineering College were obviously disappointed at having to leave before the program ended, as they had an exam to attend later in the afternoon. The exuberant response on the part of the student’s has further fueled the interest of the DQ Week Madras to cater to the needs of the younger generation.

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