DOEL International Enters Indian Market

A Taiwani ICT company DOEL International has made its entry into India. DOEL brand offers products that meet the latest and the changing industry demands. DOEL recently launched its DOEL DI060 – 13000mAh and DOEL DI037 – 7800 mAh Portable Power.

Sudip De, Director at Doel International Pvt Ltd, said, “We are very happy to share the launch of DOEL International,  for the increasing demand for quality services and innovative products. We are going aggressive on DOEL brand that is aimed at tech-savvy and on-the-go users. To meet the increasing demand for accessories of today’s Smart World we are introducing more products which will give enormous choice to our customers. We are offering synergized combination of quality products, sales, marketing, logistics, channel and service support. Soon DOEL is going to launch card feature phones, wearables, VR products, personal mobile AC scarf and more. DOEL ‘Brings Future Technology to You Today’ with main focus on Quality, Reliability and Affordability.”

DOEL DI060 – 13000mAh Portable Power

Indian made DOEL DI060 Portable Power comes with 13000mAh Lithium-ion battery and supports almost all Smartphones and comes with integrated fuses and thermal protection design for 100% safe usage.


3 USB Ports with Lithium ion- battery

High efficiency of power conversion and electricity saving function.

Environmental friendly. Protection from short Circuit

Light weight and Portable

Over-charging, under discharging and all other protections to make it safe and durable


DOEL DI037 – 7800 mAh Portable Power

DOEL DI037 comes with 7800mAh Lithium-ion battery with Special circuits built for Apple, Android and Samsung Tablets.


2 USB PORTS with Lithium ion battery

Assembled with shock protection glue, short circuit protector and high-temperature resistant tape

LED torch: Yes

Safety: Integrated fuses and thermal protection design 100% Satisfaction Guarantee offered with this product

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