DMS penetration upsurges by 57 % in Kolkata

 SoftAge, a Document Management Service(DMS) provider, sees Kolkata as a lucrative market for DMS. Document Management has been one of the services which are now being opted by SMEs. With the growing need to enter the e-world, DMS is now speculating its penetration in the state and witnessed an upsurge of about 57% over the past decade.

Kolkata is currently booming  with regards to business opportunities . SoftAge being the pioneers in the DMS industry have Vodafone India as their one of the leading client in ROB (West Bengal).As anticipated, with a lot of digital documents coming in, there is increasing need for better Document Management Systems (DMS). With the amount of data being handled by organizations only set to amplify, Document Management Systems are going to be among the most precious assets a firm can possess. The demand for DMS has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The major requirement for DMS lies in Telecom, IT, Education and BFSI. A lot of government and PSU sector are too looking forward to use the DMS services.

Fahmida Ozair, CEO, SoftAge said, “With the growing business opportunities and the rise in the demand of the supporting service industries in Kolkata, we have noticed this upsurging trend in the city”. The new advancements in the online storage security and reliability will encourage people to store all of their data and documents online. These documents includes health records, bank statements, employee records, legal documents etc. which can be stored online and can be accessible only with the unique access key. Increased collaboration among the leading electronic document storage companies will create universal exchange protocols, making it easy and safe for people and businesses to access their documents.

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