Diversity is our Strength

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Welcome, let's carry on our conversation in the studio,' was how Loy greeted

me when I went to meet Bollywood's famous music trio-Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. As

I entered their cozy studio, the huge range of guitars, consoles, keyboards and

mics-which these melody maestros might have used to compose famous chartbusters

like 'Where's the party tonight' mesmerized me. This rocking trio shared info on

their music, software and gadgets that they can't do without, and lots more.that

we don't have time to plug-in the amplifier and start our work.

Being from three different backgrounds, how do you manage to get along and

compose such fantastic Bollywood numbers ?

Well, we are diverse as musicians, as people, and even as

characters; that's why we share such a wonderful chemistry. Our different

culture make our music grammar complete. Ehsaan: Everyone from the same

root doesn't make sense because at the end of the day we are all just making

music. Our different backgrounds made us do things that others couldn't.

Loy: I believe that our diversity is our strength,. The chemistry that we

share is such that t we are hooked together since past ten years and have

delivered varied hit songs. We have got a full spectrum right from Indian,

Western and classical

What challenges did your trio face in the journey from 'Dil Chahta Hai' to

'Rock On'?

Every project is a new challenge and is diversified. It's like

designing clothes for different people; each person won't be able to carry off

all dresses with elan right? Same happens with music.

Ehsaan: It's not about challenges or skills, it's about the genre,

texture, and colors of the movie that we have to capture and move on.

Loy: Well, songs are integral part of any Bollywood film, and every film

has got a particular soul that we try to tap.

Shankar: My vocal chords.

Ehsaan: I am fond of my Fender guitar and in my studio, I use line 6 pod,

which works like pre-amplifier; it often happens that we don't have time to

plug-in the amplifier and start our workLoy: I use my Yamaha Klavinova

keyboard for triggering and Apple computers with Logic Pro software.


Guys, could you tell us about your collection of gadgets?

I have all the regular stuff yaar, like a Nokia mobile

Ehsaan: I am using a Nokia N95, Fender guitar, Apple MacBook Pro, 32GB

and 40GB iPods. I'm also an ardent guitar collector and have collection of 21


Loy: I am a Blackberry user and recently purchased a dictaphone. I also

own a Apple MacBook and have a Bose iPod dock.

So, among all the high-tech gear, which one is the most expensive?

I guess the entire studio equipment.

Ehsaan: Well, there is nothing specific because I think our entire

equipment, computers and keyboards are very expensive.

Loy: Studio machines.


What's your idea of staying connected with friends and at work while


SMS, chat and e-mail stuff.

Ehsaan: I am an Internet freak and have my laptop (which is WiFi enabled)

with me all the time. I interact through messages, e-mails, social networking

sites (Facebook) and chatting.

Loy: We all are connected with WiFi, so I keep on accessing social

networking sites, sometimes chatting and ven texting.

You all have a fantastic collection, but are you still looking for

something new?

Shankar: Yes of course, I want to buy an Archos hard disc multimedia

player. It's like a mini laptop; you can store all your movies, music as well as

along with your documents

Ehsaan: Right now, nothing.

Loy: Actually, I would love to buy a lovely digital camera.

What is your indulgence?

I love music, it's my passion. However, I also like clicking images

while travelling.

Ehsaan: Whenever I get time, I like to surf Internet or play guitar.

Loy: After long working sessions, I enjoy listening to music on my iPod

every day before I sleep.