Disney lands in India

DQW Bureau
28 Nov 2008

Devyani International Ltd (DIL), an associate company of RJ Corp, launched
Disney Artist retail stores in India in 2007 for selling 'Disney Artist' school
stationary products, coloring products and social stationary.

The arrival of the world famous 'Disney' brand in India meant that DIL had to
comply with international standards followed by Walt Disney. DIL therefore was
facing the mammoth challenge of finding a technology solution. Another concern
area was to ensure management visibility, and minimizing the total cost of

Concern Areas

The first and most critical challenge was time and tool management, which
implies using tried and tested retail practices through a capable and robust
software. Also, management of growing number of SKUs, the head office, and
planning through software was a pressing challenge.

Replication of data and consolidation in an environment where stores are
geographically spread all over India was another concern area. The time gap
between the final decision of software selection and the first store going live
was only one and a half month, therefore it had to be implemented in a record
time span.

It was chosen simply because the solution was globally adopted and was
already operational in leading international brands. Sukesh Gera, IT head at DIL
says, “Our implementation strategy was simple. We wanted to see the beauty of
the software completely and therefore, we had instructed DVS from day one that
we will not go for any process/logic modifications in the software to suit our
requirements. Instead, we will implement the best practices of retail as per
software. Instead of modifying software, we improved our practices to suit the
requirements of software which automatically improved our working.”

Stuti Das


(Souce: DQ)

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