DigitalOcean hosts flagship event ‘Tide’ in Bangalore

DigitalOcean, the cloud for developers, hosted its first flagship event Tide, in association with NASSCOM 10,000 startups. The event took place on 14 October, 2016 at ITC My Fortune Hotel, Bangalore. The day long conference featured speaker sessions and panel discussions by Industry experts, cloud practitioners and ecosystem leaders. The company brought together startups and developers from the community to interact and learn from an eminent set of experts, ranging from CTOs, Founders and VCs.

The keynote, presented by noted cloud expert Janakiram MSV on “10 steps to turbocharging your startup with cloud” gave a clear understanding of scaling one’s startup through cloud. The conference had panelists speaking about a diverse and interesting set of topics ranging from “How to choose the right Cloud provider for your startup”, “Using Community as a Growth Lever”, “How to scale your startup from MVP to Growth”, “Best practices for running production applications in the Cloud”, “De-mystifying the notion of a Funding Winter” and “Top 10 resources that startups should leverage”.

The event was attended by notable speakers such as Ashok Madaravally (Director, NASSCOM 10K Startups), Vasan Subramaniam (CTO, Accel Partners India), Venkat Raju (CEO, Kyron Global), Aprameya Radhakrishna (Co-Founder, TaxiForSure), Karthik Prabhakar (Director & Head – Fundraising, IDG Ventures India), Abhash Kumar (Lead – Social media marketing, YourStory), Tanmai Gopal (Co-Founder, Hasura.io), Vishal Pathania (CTO, Evok Analytics), Sudheendra Chilappagari (Co-Founder, Belong.co), Arunkumar Jadhav (VP-Engineering, HackerRank), Dhanush Gopinath (Co-Founder, GeekTrust), Sai Kishore Komanduri (Developer Evangelist, Hashnode) and Matthew Campbell (Technical Lead, DigitalOcean)

Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Manager, DigitalOcean said, “At DigitalOcean, we love to nurture and support the developer & startup ecosystem. The ‘Tide’ event was created to serve as a platform where developers & startups could network and learn best practices & tips from experts in the ecosystem. We are happy that the content of the inaugural edition of Tide was well appreciated by the audience and we look forward to hosting such events across other cities in India.”

Ashok Madaravally, Director, NASSCOM 10K Startups commented, “Thousands of developers in the country today use DigitalOcean cloud and events like these help in highlighting the benefits of cloud to the startups in the ecosystem.”

Amongst the customers of DigitalOcean, Arunkumar Jadhav, VP Engineering, Hackerrank said, “Hackerrank uses a multi-tier architecture wherein code and decision making play an important role. We require a highly reliable platform, so that we can run in a timely manner. We use DigitalOcean because of its ease of use and simplicity in managing servers.”

Speaking about the importance of communities in the developer sector, Sai Kishore Komanduri, Developer Evangelist, Hashnode said, “Building a community is key to growth and leveraging the developer community translates to social capital. Apart from working perfectly, DigitalOcean has great community and tutorials, which are very helpful.”

Madan Ganesh, Founder and CEO, ActOnMagic spoke about the advantages of using DigitalOcean as a developer. He said, “As a customer, simplicity and faster deployment makes our job very easy. We can scale further without having to worry about the infrastructure. If you are a developer, I would advise you to use DigitalOcean.”

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