Digital TV chipsets sale on the rise

DQW Bureau
New Update

MediaTek and Mstar will have great progress in digital TV chipset shipment

next year by entering a Japanese TV major brand supply chain, according to

DisplaySearch. Digital TV chipset supplier, Trident indicated that they would

keep a close eye on these two competitors. Along with American FCC requirement,

digital TVs, which are imported into the US, are required to be equipped with

ATSC digital TV chipset that offers a great business opportunity. Taiwan IC

design houses such as MediaTek and Mstar have already started to take part in

this growing market. MediaTek took chipset contracts from Samsung and Philip and

will obtain another from a leading Japanese TV brand next year.

According to DisplaySearch, Trident became the biggest digital

TV chipset supplier with marketshare of 24.4 percent, Genesis 19.6 percent, and

Micronas 11.9 percent. The top 10 digital TV chipset suppliers include Trident,

Genesis, Micronas, MediaTek, Mstar, Renesas, TI and Zoran. MediaTek was the

first to introduce digital TV chips for American and European markets. TV chip

accounted for five percent of MediaTek's revenue. The revenue of TV chip will

increase by 10 percent next year. Trident pointed out that MediaTek is

undertaking a price strategy to grab more marketshare. Trident is one of UMCs

major clients.