Digital content development center comes up at Ahmedabad

DQW Bureau
15 Sep 2003

Movies produced now a days, have one thing in common apart from boredom. They include graphics, anima-tion and digital film making. This is the area, which film producer-director Ketan Mehta materialized for his Maya Academy for Advanced Cine-matics (MAAC) in Ahmedabad. And he has certainly seen the FICCI figures for demand of multimedia specialists in dome-stic market and also estimates that the entertainment industry will grow to a level of Rs 60,000 crore by 2005 from the current Rs 16,000

Mehta has tied up with Maya Entertainment Ltd (MEL), where the students, once certified, will be absorbed. A few of the recent live projects that involved MAAC students were ‘Oops’, ‘Hawa’, ‘Saaya’ and the much talked about ‘Jajantaram Mamanta-ram’ which engaged 40 stu-dents. MAAC is a division of Maya Entertainment Ltd con-ceived in 1996, by Ketan Mehta and Deepa

The venture is basically targe-ted with the specific purpose of providing the latest digital tech-nology tools for excellence in film, television and the infotain-ment industry worldwide.

MAAC offers career opportu-nities in animation and charac-ter designing for films, televi-sion and Internet, content development, layout designing, logo-designing, photo-retouch-ing, CD authoring, pre-produc-tion, production and post-production, pre-press, printing and publishing, advertising and media industry, graphic design-ing, and design

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