DIGISOL unveils patented Tool less Design Keystones

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DIGISOL unveils patented Tool less Design Keystones

DIGISOL Systems Ltd., (100% Subsidiary of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd.) a leading provider of Active Networking products, announced the launch of its new Patented Tool Less Keystones under its Structured Cabling Systems (Passive) range.


DIGISOL new keystones have efficient rotation Tool Free design, with a feature to press with click to terminate wires, Cable Holder with Strain Relief Function for Better Termination and Transmission and which can be easily terminated by hand. These keystones are backward compatible with RJ11, RJ21 male jacks/plugs and have cap which is integrated with main body and also comes with removable dust cap at front side.

DIGISOL Keystones are Tool less Design with 50 Micron Gold Plating suitable for 23~24 AWG Stranded and Solid Wire, Easy For Termination and Compliant to T568A and T568B wiring schemes.

Keystone jack is a female connector for terminating a variety of low-voltage ethernet cables like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A  into a keystone rochet box or Face plate and Surface-mount box or an Unloaded Patch panel.


Keystone jack plays major role in structured cabling system as it uses IDCs (Insulation Displacement Contacts) which ensures proper contact with conductor resulting in very less insertion loss and better crosstalk values. This is very important for high frequency-high bandwidth transmissions.

The most commonly used is RJ45 (8P8C) punch down type keystone jack which needs 66 or 110 type punch down tools. To reduce the punching efforts another type of keystones available which is called as Tool Less Keystone. All the 8 conductors can be terminated at the same time with termination cap , saving time and effort.

DIGISOL SCS products adhere to EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC international standards. ROHS compliant products are backed by international 25 years product performance warranty


These keystone are available in Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A type

Key Features:

  • Efficient Rotation Design for Tool Free ,  Press With Click Termination of wires
  • Cable Holder with Strain Relief Function for Better Termination and Transmission
  • Reliable IDC Contacts with Color Coding for Better Contact Resistance and Transmission
  • Fast, Easy, Reliable Termination
  • Removable Shutter Option
  • Patented Design
  • Keystone Jack Can Be Easily Terminated by Hand, Optional Termination by Hand Tool
  • Support Both RJ11/RJ12 Plug