DIGISOL rolls out 100 cities connect events

With this, the company aims reach out to more than 3000 partners

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New Update

As part of this year's extensive event series targeting SI (system integrator), resellers, and enterprise customers, DIGISOL will continue with its last year's event series called 'nexTech 2011'.This year the event explores the journey of active networking industry for the future.


These events are categorized as "nexTech 2012" targeted towards reseller community, "SEP 2012" which is a system integrator training events, "nexPlus 2012" a system integrator engagement program and "nexTrends 2012" for the end user events.The "nexTech 2012" that will focus on DIGISOL and DIGILITE aims to connect with partner community and to promote the run rate products.

Bimal Raj, CEO, Smartlink Network Systems, said, "The idea of having road shows is to take DIGISOL and DIGILITE brand of products to our channel community and update them with the latest technologies and our end-to-end offerings. We plan to reach out to more than 3000 partners in phase 1 and would be providing training to more than 1200 Systems Integrators. We look forward to create a bigger Smartlink Family".

The phase- I of the seminar, that started from July 12 from the Lucknow, will cover more than 100 cities across the country in the coming months. "At Smartlink, we provide the best and optimum solutions to all our Partners and Customers which meet the ever changing needs of this dynamic Networking Industry. Last year we did series of road shows across A, B and C class cities. The road shows were highly successful and resulted in highest top of mind recall for DIGISOL and DIGILITE. This year we have taken a step higher by including our nationwide SI Training programs , as well as have created separate engagement platforms," said Navinder Chauhan, GM, marketing, Smartlink Network Systems.