Arati Naik Chief operating officer Smartliink

DIGISOL issues advisory on e-commerce sites

DIGISOL has identified the issue of price discrepancy between the price offered by its channel partners and the price available on e-commerce sites ie its online retailers. This is posing a major hurdle to DIGISOL’s partners and distributors businesses. DIGISOL is taking strict steps, by issuing a mandate to all online retailers to take corrective action on selling DIGISOL brand products online at predatory prices and to ensure overall price parity, which will not interfere with the channel’s pricing. DIGISOL will keep a close eye on offline partners also, who divert their project specific materials to online sale at lower price and will take serious steps including holding the supply back for a specific period of about 1-2 months to the concerned party as necessary, to protect the channel partners being compromised.

“At DIGISOL, distributors and channel partners are immensely valued. Most of our company’s business is attributed to the efforts put by them and it is Smartlink’s priority to safeguard their interest first. If there are problems confronted by our channel partners, we want to take all the necessary steps that will resolve those problems. We want to support our channel partners and our commitment to them will always be undiluted” said Arati Naik, chief operating officer, Smartlink Network Systems.



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