Detel Introduces Two ‘Made In India’ High-Capacity Portable Power

DETEL Mobiles & Accessories has introduced two extraordinarily high-capacity power banks at a reasonable cost.


The Detel D10000(10,000mAh capacity) & D12500(12,500mAh capacity), manufactured and created in India has expanded its vision of ‘connecting the unconnected’.

The 10,000mAh Detel power bank D10000 and 12,500mAh Detel power bank D12500 have RISC microprocessor controlled for fast charging and improved battery lifecycle.

The two devices work for at least 500 cycles. There are 4 LED indicators on each of the devices that point out the remaining power status of the device.

Equipped with Lithium-ion batteries with much greater energy density, the two devices sport a sleek & compact exterior. They come with a single DC 5V/2A input port and three DC 5V/2A output ports.

The two power banks come with pass-through technology, one can charge the phone and the power bank at the same time.

Yogesh Bhatia, MD, S. G. Corporate Mobility (parent company of Detel) said that they over 400 Mn smartphone customers in India. And they very well understand the requirements of a 21st -century man.

When you are in rush to leave, the last thing you would want to have is Low Battery on your smartphone or any other handheld device. The perfect combination of performance and style, these power banks are created and priced to make sure that every user can have leading-edge technology at affordable prices.

The power banks are compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The D10000 and D12500 power banks can charge all digital devices with DC 5V input, for example, Tablet PC, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, MP3/MP4 players, PSPs, and even Cameras.

For device safety system, these highly competent power banks are manufactured with manifold safety protection systems. The new series goes through five levels of stringent quality testing – with three levels of process inspection at each stage.

Detel D10000 cost Rs. 699/- and the Detel D12500 is valued at Rs. 899/-.The Power Banks can be bought online from The devices come with one-year manufacturer warranty.

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