Desmat organizes Manali tour for Delhi dealers

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Desmat, one of the brands of Rational Business Corporation (RBC),

a computer and statio-nery company, as a part of its ‘Manali Hungama 2003’

sch-eme, took 60 people from Delhi to Manali on a five days trip.

To promote its compatible inkjet cartridge range, Desmat had

launched the ‘Manali Hun-gama 2003’ in Delhi. In order to benefit from the

scheme, the dealers and distributors were given a certain target to fulfill.

Although the scheme was for a short period, from Nov 1-15, however, according to

the company release, it received an overwhelming response from the market.

"This was mainly because, as per the scheme, the dealers

could enjoy Manali in winter; no other exciting scheme was being launched in the

market and dealers and distributors were also looking forward for some kind of

relaxation," the release stated.


According to the company release, projects in pipeline inc-ludes,

launch of a complete sol-ution for thermal transfer prin-ters and fax machines.

The co-mpany will also start a Techni-cal Support Center (TSC) for refillers. In

this center, a comp-lete guideline for refilling of new laser cartridges would

be provided.

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