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Delphi Infotech Introduces Mimecast to customers and partners in India

Delphi Infotech Private Limited successfully completed its Mimecast introduction in India. The event witnessed the presence of prominent CIOs- Pradeep Wason- Chief Manager of Bennet Coleman & Company Ltd., A P Singh- Head IT from Fortis Healthcare Ltd., Ajay Agarwal- Director IT from Alcatel Lucent India Ltd., Abhinav Sharma- Deputy Director from Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Amitabh Srivastava- General Manager from Samsung Data Systems India Pvt. Ltd. who discussed how Mimecast protects businesses from Cyber Attacks globally.

Earlier in the day key business people like Pradeep Wason- Chief Manager from Bennet Coleman & Company Ltd., A P Singh- Head IT  from Fortis Healthcare Ltd., Ajay Agarwal- Director IT from Alcatel Lucent India Ltd., Abhinav Sharma- Deputy Director from Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Amitabh Srivastava- General Manager from Samsung Data Systems India Pvt. Ltd.- also attended this event to discuss new business initiatives and to expand Delphi Infotech’s partner network for Mimecast in India.

“As per the information reported to and tracked by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a total number of 44,679, 49,455, 50,362 and 53,081 cyber security incidents were observed during the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively. These incidents included phishing, scanning/probing, website intrusions and defacements, virus/malicious code, ransomware and denial of service attacks etc.”

Mimecast reduces the risk, complexity and cost traditionally associated with protecting email. As a global leader in cloud-based email management solutions, Mimecast currently manages 321 million+ emails daily for 29200+ customers worldwide.

Richard Amarasingham, Partner Manager from Mimecast, spoke about advanced email security, Mimecast’s partnership model and how it can help businesses in India to build Cyber Resilience for Email strategies. He also shared why attackers rely on email and how a successful attack not only results in loss of money, data, and resources but the loss of reputation for an organisation too.

Top announcements made at the event –

  • Delphi Infotech’s introduction of Mimecast,
  • How Mimecast helps businesses build Cyber Resilience for Email strategies,
  • How Delphi Infotech will be making Mimecast’s proven technology available to businesses in India.
  • Mimecast also shared the availability of its quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment, which showed how legacy email security systems are failing to provide sufficient security protection. The latest ESRA detected that thousands of known malware and impersonation attacks were getting past systems meant to protect organizations. The assessment reports that these systems missed 11,653 emails containing known malware, which should be the easiest to identify, as they are detectable by commonly deployed endpoint-based anti-virus technologies.
  • To address the rise in impersonation attacks, Mimecast also recently revealed enhancements to its Targeted Threat Protection services – Impersonation Protect, URL Protect, and Internal Email Protect. The advancements to Mimecast’s Cyber Resilience for Email capabilities offer new detection, remediation and threat intelligence capabilities.

Apart from these Announcements, training events and technology awareness programmes were planned for key partners and customers in India.

Brandon Bekker, Managing Director Middle East and Africa from Mimecast said; “We’re pleased with Delphi Infotech’s decision to introduce Mimecast to their customers and partners in India. By working through the distributor’s strong partner network and with their highly trained and experienced team, our intention is to educate organisations in India about the importance of implementing a strong Cyber Resilience for Email strategy. With advanced attacks like spear-phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks on the rise, a defence only strategy is no longer enough. Organisations need to have comprehensive security controls before, continuity during, and automated recovery after an attack. Our partnership with Delphi Infotech will help us drive this change in mindset in India.”

Talking about the business objectives and plan for India in FY2018-19; Vivek AuroraCEO, Delphi Infotech said, “We are really excited to introduce Mimecast in India. Mimecast, as a global leader in cloud-based email management solutions, is an excellent new addition to our growing portfolio of services in the market. With ever-evolving cyber threats impacting businesses, it is essential they implement a complete solution that ensures their email remains secure, easily accessible and always available. We have already built robust sales, services and support operations to manage the massive upcoming demand for Mimecast’s solutions.”

“We are looking forward to a great association with Mimecast, a global leader in cloud-based management solutions. We at Delphi Infotech are constantly working to provide a strong and comprehensive email management solution that ensures businesses in India are protected against threats like malware, ransomware as well as the threats within the organisation,” said Ankit Bhutani, Business Director, Delphi Infotech.

Talking about the plans of Delphi Infotech to offer Mimecast in India, Sanchay Karidhal, India Sales Manager, Delphi Infotech, said “We at Delphi Infotech believe in the power of people to change the world and that is what we do – Empower our team to Empower our customers. Our main goal is to educate organisations about Mimecast’s offering and work together to ensure their emails remain secure, easily accessible and always available.”

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