Delhi Traders making way for e-way bill

e-way bill was supposed to reduce complexity of transit during goods transport but it rather have become a tedious process for business owners and transporters to understand. Adding on crashing of the system on the launch date has further created a ruckus among users.

The e-way bill is basically the backbone of the GST process and is aimed to reduce the time and cost of logistics sector as well as of the state officials. The system was designed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) while GSTN is looking after the implementation of the system. The system was supposed to handle 5 to 6 lakh bill entry in a day, but it crashed as 2 to 3 lakh bills were generated in an hour.  However, there is no going back on e-way bill and it will be re-introduced in some time after the system is fully ready; according to a government official. The finance ministry has also sought a report from the GSTN on this matter.

Meanwhile, transporters and business owners are worried as most of their consignments got stuck and now the date of the re-launch of the system has not been decided yet; this has led to massive loss of crores of money in one day and also paving a way for tax evasion.

West Delhi based Computer Media Dealers Association conducted a workshop to understand the process of e-way bill and its compliance. The event held on 3rd February in Indian Habitat Centre. The gathering witnessed presence of 40 business owners who were guided by partners of the AHPN & Associates; a CA firm in New Delhi.

“The purpose of this workshop was to create awareness among traders and members of the dealers association; and we also wanted to know the amendments and additions in the GST bill. People still are not very well aware about the e-way bill and its process and its repercussions.

Traders are still worried about the bill as it’s a very tedious process, especially for the transporters. And I am not sure how it will go about, we are very much apprehensive that transportation cost will go up manifolds.” Said Manoj Khanna, member of CMDA.

Saket Kapoor, General Secretary of FAIITA said, “This was an enlightening session for any owner driven business. Owner should be aware of the liabilities and responsibilities for the success of their business. By attending this session we have gained that value. E-way bill is a complicated procedure and it needs lot of simplifications. But in turn it will increase the over head of the organization so we need to know the process thoroughly.”

While with all the confusions and complexities, business owners are getting ready whenever the bill will roll-out again. On the other hand state governments are setting different dates for its implementation and bill creation.

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